Friday, October 10, 2014

IF:Equip Day 20

IF:Equip Genesis 14:1-16

Video commentary can be found here

IF I believe this is true then:
I REALLY am Struggling with this one!

What does it mean about God?
I'm really not sure what this says about God. I think that Abram made the choice to get his kinsmen and with a number of fighters did just that. We have a tendency to think that God is always on the winners side, because the winner usually writes the story. I do feel that God has blessed Abram and has continued to be faithful to Abram, but I'm not really sure how God fits into all of this war action.
I suppose it is that Abram believes that this land is his and his descendants and so he goes after it, not waiting for God to hand it to him, but believing it is already his and defends it chasing them for over 100 miles.

What does it mean about me?
In the video commentary they say that this shows the intentional nature of Abram's faith and that they love the thought of Abram rescuing Lot.
I guess God wants us to go to battle for things and people that are important to us, but again this whole war/concur stuff is hard for me to reconcile with the God who gave up himself to save us.
Perhaps if I am to claim something for God, then I need to remove other influences that might poorly affect that area of my life?

What does it mean about the world?
I think it means that sometimes we battle and God lets us. I don't know that it is really God endorsed, but perhaps permitted? Jesus spoke so much of love and peace and giving that battling with earthly forces seems contrary to all of that.

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