Thursday, December 2, 2010

way too long

After a ridiculous absence from the web I am back, at least for today.

knitting has become more than a hobby. It is my new obsession. I'd rather knit than just about anything these days. Right now I am working on a couple of ear warmer/headbands for women associated with my church. Then I have to get on the ball with three hats and a scarf for family members. I also need to make something for the girls, although I have no idea what to do for them.
I've made 5 hats so far, for nieces and sister-in-law, and too many baby things to count. Yet my notebook of ideas grows every hour it seems!

I am loving my church knit group, called the knitwits, and enjoying the fellowship I have with them and the things we all create. Lately our big thing has been baby stuff, like nappy cakes and the like, but several of us made ornaments for the church christmon tree this year.

Doing well, enjoying serving, and loving knitting!