Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Trellis Yarn- the hunt is on!

I am looking for trellis yarns, not just for my own sake, but for my churches knitting/crochet group. We are wanting to make some necklaces that we saw made from this yarn. I have looked at too many retailers to count and am now thinking ravelry users may be the way to go. However I am thoroughly confused on how to proceed.
Its amazing that once we find something we want the lengths we will go to to get it! What does that say about us? How could that be used to describe our relationship with God?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

There are so many fascinating items in resource catalogs. Some seem to be can't live without, some can't live with, and others, I don't know why by I REALLY want this!
Perhaps if I can ever get bookcases in here and put up all that I have in my office, I might better know what I NEED instead of having the wants!
Side note, the littlest girl is ill again. Her ears have taken a turn for the worse. I am praying, will you?