Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tonight's lesson will be on Psalm 118.
Its a great Psalm, and if you have not read it, go ahead and read it now.
Go on, We will wait. . .

The language of praise and joy cannot be missed! It is obvious that the writer is thrilled to be praising God, in spite of being chastised, they are still Happy!
There are the obvious things to learn, such as rejoice in the Lord Always!
But there are other things as well.
God's love endures forever, there is no beginning, no end, it is, like God, eternal. Isn't that a comforting thought? Isn't that reassuring? So many things in our life are temporary at best. We live in a disposable society, to the point that we at times treat one another as disposable. And YET, and yet God's love endures forever!
God is to be our refuge. Our youth group calls itself the asylum, in part because of the verse in Galatians (if we are out of our minds it is for the sake of God.) but also because of the fact that asylum means a place of refuge, and God is to be our refuge, our ever present help in times of trial.
Even though we have been chastised, told we have done wrong, God still opens the gate of the righteous for us. He still offers us salvation, resurrection, restoration of relationships!
Rejoice for we have been made free!
Rejoice for we have been made whole!
Rejoice in the Lord!