Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Read John 11:55-12:11

If you believe this is true then:
  • What does this mean about God?
  • What dos this mean about you?
  • What does this mean about the world?
I don't know that I can really answer these questions as they are presented when it comes to this passage. There is just so much here! We have an act of worship, that is what this is, from a woman who owes EVERYTHING to Jesus. I woman who knows death, because it stared her in the face with the death of her brother, and knows resurrection because it sits next to Jesus at the table. This woman lays her thankfulness, her gratitude before Jesus in an extravagant sensual way, baring her very soul to him. Why did she have the ointment? because she was counting on having to bring it to her brothers body for several days. Now she has great joy because life has been returned. She wipes his feet with her hair, something that is so inappropriate that I bet the disciples fell out of their chairs! But she was so into her worship that she didn't care. Her worship covered her, just as the sent covered her. I think about her that week carrying the sent around with her. I think of her hearing the news of his crucifixion and smelling that sent of death and worship in her hair. I think of it smelling ten times as sweet on Easter morning when she knows he is risen!

This is the kind of worship I want. This complete giving of myself to heck with the consequences kind of worship. Worship that pleases God and not necessarily humans.

Monday, March 17, 2014

IF: Equip Day 25

IF: EQUIP Day 25
Read John 11:1-54

This happens to be in my top two or three passages of all time and I have a hard time limiting my thought process to the one given in IF:EQUIP, but I will try.

If you believe this is true then:
  • What does it mean about God?
That God is the ruler of heaven and earth! That God's timing is perfect even when it's not! God is in the resurrection business, which is even greater than restoration business. God deeply cares for us in a way that is above and beyond empathy or sympathy.
  • What does it mean about you?
How often do I find myself yelling at God "Why weren't you here! If you had been here this wouldn't have happened."? But I tend to leave off the following words, that even now I know that whatever is needed you will do. My confession of doubt is often stronger than my confession of faith.
  • What does it mean about the world?
God does not operate by our rules. The unreliable narrators in this passage say that Jesus cries out of love and sympathy, but I think he's crying for an unbelieving age. I think they are tears of anger. The cross of Calvary looms large and Jesus is not looking forward to dancing towards it! This act of mercy, the returning of Lazarus, will bring him closer and make his time more precious.

I pray for a faith like Martha's that even in the darkest of times trusts in the light of the world.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Five

RevKarla over on revgalblogpals offers today's friday five.

Hi gals and pals~~
Happy Friday to you!  I don’t have a theme this week, but just a variety of questions for your writing pleasure…
1) How are you?  What’s taking up your mind-heart space these days?
Sick sick sick! Throat infection making my life miserable! Lots of unblogables right now so have maintained radio silence. Praying for clarity.
2) It’s St. Patrick’s Day on Monday~~will you celebrate or give a nod to it?
I will celebrate by wearing green to make my eyes stand out! Other than that, no.
3) My colleague is a voracious morning reader of blogs, online news, articles, etc.  What, besides RevGalBlogPals, do you look at frequently, if not daily?
email, the bible, google, ministry matters, pinterest
4) I got nothin’ here.  This is a free for all.  Just tell us something!
I would love to get two more tattoos, but I worry too much about what my congregation would think.
5) Use these words in a sentence or two:    map, magazine, sing, baby sloth, knit, penguin, love, weep, mountain, and messenger bag.
There once was a girl learning to knit from a magazine that she kept in her messenger bag covered in baby sloth and penguin embroidery. She learned that the path to love does not follow a map over the mountain but sings forth from the tears we weep.
Have fun!