Thursday, November 5, 2009

A job well done, or at least done

I am wrapping up all of the throws and shawls our knitwits group has made for our cornerstone banquet. There are 14 recipients this year. (The cornerstone group is 75 years and up) I am so thrilled to have been a part of this team effort. Now I am anxious to get going on some lapgans for the local nursing home. I'm trying to find some cute patterns, in crochet or knit. While crochet is faster, I am enjoying the challenge of knitting lately, so I'm not sure what I will come up with.
Of course I also have 1 throw, 3 hats, 8 necklaces, 2 stoles, 1 wrap to make before Christmas, and a blanket to stitch together before Dec 3. Impossible, perhaps, but I'm having fun trying!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I'm back!

Had the most wonderful peaceful vacation experience. If you ever get the chance to cruise, do it! It was a blessing. We were on Princess cruise lines and went to the Mexican riviera. I have never enjoyed a a vacation more!
Now I am relaxed and back to work.
A lot of things coming up in the busy time of the school year, a lot of Christmas knitting and crocheting, a lot of time to be spent with the girls who are growing up too fast!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The task at hand

Today is a rainy dreary day. One that, on any other occasion I would be tempted to sit at home and read a good book, or better yet knit or crochet a good anything! But today I am at the office working on all that I need to get done before my upcoming vacation.
I have a meeting with several youth leaders to discuss the presbyterial youth fellowship.
I am working on Sunday school, Children's church, and Bible studies to fill the times I will miss.
I have a prayer service to set up and get approved.
I need to work on a budget proposal.
And I have so much knitting and crocheting to do!!!!!!

Deep breath in, deep breath out.

Lord, may I focus on the work you have for me rather than the task head.
May I realize that there are other things besides the mundane or whats under my bed.
May I always seek to rely on your sight and not my weakening eyes,
May I learn to listen to that still small voice and stop looking for signs.
May I hold on to your promises so true,
And May I always and in every way love you. Amen.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Trellis Yarn- the hunt is on!

I am looking for trellis yarns, not just for my own sake, but for my churches knitting/crochet group. We are wanting to make some necklaces that we saw made from this yarn. I have looked at too many retailers to count and am now thinking ravelry users may be the way to go. However I am thoroughly confused on how to proceed.
Its amazing that once we find something we want the lengths we will go to to get it! What does that say about us? How could that be used to describe our relationship with God?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

There are so many fascinating items in resource catalogs. Some seem to be can't live without, some can't live with, and others, I don't know why by I REALLY want this!
Perhaps if I can ever get bookcases in here and put up all that I have in my office, I might better know what I NEED instead of having the wants!
Side note, the littlest girl is ill again. Her ears have taken a turn for the worse. I am praying, will you?

Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Five:Child's Play Edition

Today's Friday Five comes from Kathrynzj
"While traveling with my 4 year old we were both pleased to find a HUGE indoor playground. Now he can maneuver himself around those things no problem but I have found myself at the top level of what amounts to a glorified hamster tube more than once either rescuing an article of clothing or The Boy himself. There was a small part of me saddened to find that I no longer had the convenient excuse to be a kid and go up in the playground, but mostly my aging knees and back were quite happy to skip the experience.Maybe you are better at it than me, but my first-born, responsible demeanor rarely lets up enough for me to do frivolous silly things – like playing on playgrounds – without a good reason. My friend will stand up in a crowded restaurant and serenade me with an operatic rendition of Happy Birthday. My sister is very good at grabbing the joy in the moment. I seem to need a child to bring it out in me and even then… it takes a lot."
Today’s Friday Five celebrates the spontaneous child in all of us… ar at least the one that we admire in someone else:
1) On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being I can’t do this now I am about to jump into a pit of plastic balls at the mini-mall and 1 being I can’t do this now until I can get all of the fonts on my blog to match – where are you?
Today I would say a 3, but there are many days that I am a strong 1 or a fierce 5
2) What is the silliest/most childlike thing you have done as an adult?
I am a youth and children's director, I do silly things on an almost daily occurrence!
3) Any regrets?
Taking myself too seriously as a child.
4) What is the silliest thing you have ever seen another adult do on purpose?
My hubbie throws a pretty good temper tantrum to show our girls how silly they look, but I guess the silliest would have to be adults leading energizers at camp.
5) What is something you wish you did when you had the chance?
Bungee jumped or sky dived
BONUS: For our ‘I told you so’ sides – what thing did you skip doing and you’re really glad you did!
Tattooing eye liner and lip liner in the 90's. I know several people who did and now are not fans of the permanent makeup look.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Laundry List

Today I have a visitation with a family before a funeral in nearby big town followed by a wedding rehearsal at our church. It looks like it will be a very busy evening and weekend! Add in the showers and well, things could get hairy!
I am working on tying up all of the summer stuff and starting all of the fall stuff. I need to order certificates of appreciation and of promotion. I need to make sure the wedding service is in order and then printed. I need to make sure training for our rotational Sunday school is set up. I need to write my sermon and start working on the revival next weekend. I need to hug my littlest baby, and my oldest baby.
Oh yeah, and some where in there, I need a nap!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Five

This is my first Friday five on this blog. In my previous blog life I was a member of the revgal pals, and hope to be again one day.
Today's Friday Five comes from Singing Owl:

Please pardon me for talking about church in the summer when many of you may be on vacation. However, the church we are talking about today is the one you dream of. I've been thinking about this because I miss pastoring and preaching, because I am sending in resumes, and because...well...jut because. So have some fun with this. Tell us five things that the perfect church would have, be, do...whatever.We can dream, right?

1. Flexibility, in its leadership, congregants, and sanctuary set up
2. Color, in all things!
3. Art work, I know we are protestant, but some art is worshipful!
4. Children, lots and lots of children
5. A labyrinth, one inside and out

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I am just wondering today:
  • will my hair ever look like those who claim to use the same shampoo
  • will my child ever use the grown-up (or any) potty
  • have i bitten off more than i can chew
  • who will help me if i choke
  • will i ever finish the fruits of the spirit study
  • do these pants make my butt look big, or is it just my butt that makes the pants look big
  • what will i preach on
  • who is my mentor
  • will i ever write that book
  • is it possible to have one of those lives
  • why does the air conditioner make that odd noise
  • will my Sr pastor and i ever get along
  • will i ever have bookcases
  • how can i stand this mess one more minute
  • will i ever finish this blanket
  • can i manage
  • does anyone care?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tonight's lesson will be on Psalm 118.
Its a great Psalm, and if you have not read it, go ahead and read it now.
Go on, We will wait. . .

The language of praise and joy cannot be missed! It is obvious that the writer is thrilled to be praising God, in spite of being chastised, they are still Happy!
There are the obvious things to learn, such as rejoice in the Lord Always!
But there are other things as well.
God's love endures forever, there is no beginning, no end, it is, like God, eternal. Isn't that a comforting thought? Isn't that reassuring? So many things in our life are temporary at best. We live in a disposable society, to the point that we at times treat one another as disposable. And YET, and yet God's love endures forever!
God is to be our refuge. Our youth group calls itself the asylum, in part because of the verse in Galatians (if we are out of our minds it is for the sake of God.) but also because of the fact that asylum means a place of refuge, and God is to be our refuge, our ever present help in times of trial.
Even though we have been chastised, told we have done wrong, God still opens the gate of the righteous for us. He still offers us salvation, resurrection, restoration of relationships!
Rejoice for we have been made free!
Rejoice for we have been made whole!
Rejoice in the Lord!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Youth ministry- knitting w/o a pattern

I've been thinking today that youth ministry is a lot like knitting. I've recently been trying to teach myself, with the help of YouTube, to knit cables. The steps don't look to complicated until you try them and learn that for whatever reason, your fingers just don't bend that way.

So it is with youth ministry. There are so many things that look easy, but are painstakingly difficult. Knitting is easier, because you can start over if you mess up, and there is a pattern!
With youth ministry, once you mess up you rarely get a "do-over" and there is never an agreed upon pattern. One person thinks you should have stars while the other thinks a row of chains would be nice, while still others think "knitting? Crochet is the ONLY way." (sigh)

I'm reading "Sustainable Youth Ministry" by Mark DeVries and it's pretty good, but I'm at a point of feeling overwhelmed. (Probably should have skipped to chapter 12 until I get calm as was suggested.) I find myself like so many of the youth workers mentioned, doing "tasks" not really doing ministry. (double sigh) So much to do, and it's all on you! But thankfully it's not all on me, there are some GREAT volunteers here who are doing wonderful things. Now I just have to get my act together to organize and we will be on the right track. God is good all the time! All the time, God is good!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Brief intro

I have many passions. My children, my husband, my ministry, and now knitting. I am a novice to the last, and a learner on all of the others! I'm not 100% sure what this little blog will become, but for now I hope it will be a place for prayers, peace, and maybe some yarn tidbits!