Thursday, December 11, 2014

On the Road to Recovery

I am finally back in the office after my surgery in November. I am still really tired, but able to do work and for that I am thankful. I even was able to get back in the pulpit and preach again this week!
(You can find a link to an audio recording here.)

I was able to take communion out to some of our shut ins this week and was blessed as usual by the experience. I've also jumped head long into Advent and all the goodies that go with it, including a evening of prayer stations, hanging of the green, and women's Christmas party. soon I will add caroling, live nativity, Angel Tree luncheon, Lessons and Carols and Christmas Eve service. Then finally some time with family. 

Its amazing how jam packed these weeks leading up to Christmas become, even when consciously trying to maintain some family time and boundaries. When I add in all three kids Christmas Parties at school and a ten year old's birthday celebration (last week!) it seems as if I'm not waiting for Advent, I'm chasing after it!!

So I will try to slow down, to listen for the still small voice. To not become overwhelmed by deadlines and other peoples expectations. I will try to experience the hope, peace, Joy & love of the Advent season for what they are rather then what I hope others will get out of them!
That's the best I can do today.

I pray it is enough.