Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Five

Friday Five!

Hello gals and pals,
It’s the second Friday of the month, and you know what that is~~~Random Friday Five! Have fun, and enjoy! (as always, let us know that you played in the comments–whether you play in the comments, link to your blog, or on Facebook!)
1. How do you sign off in your emails, professional and personally? For example, you say “Blessings”,
“Take Care”, “Remember, the Devil is watching you” (o.k. just kidding on that one.) Let us know and why…
Grace and Peace is my go to signature. Things sent via my phone contain the added words "Preacher Lady"
2. If you were an animal TODAY, what is it and why?
A tortoise, I'm moving SUPER slowly, but I do have a goal in mind!
3. If you get snarky, what triggers it? If you don’t get snarky, please, what is the secret?
My snark is triggered by too much whining (especially on the part of my 9 year old), too much alcohol, or too much stress! I'd say right about now my stress is making my snark hit the 5th margarita mark!
4. Look up from your computer/tablet/phone screen. What is the first favorite thing your eyes land on. Describe it. (For example, I just did this, and my eyes landed on a little angel made out of multicolored wires whose head and wings are quite askew because of being chewed upon by my puppy. That aside, I love it because it was a gift from two little girls who came often to my office in my last call to play with all the tshotke on my table. They wanted to add to it.)
notes taped above my computer screen from my two daughters that say "I love you Mommy" and "I love you with all my heart! P.S. You're the best mom ever!" and from two seniors in high school. One says "Love ya lots :)" and the other says "Love you lots more!"
5. Do you have a favorite pair of socks? Tell us about them!
I don't wear socks much, I haven't found any to go with my Toms, but I used to love a good pair of striped toe socks!
Thanks for playing! I look forward to reading your plays…

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  1. Ahh, the love notes from our children and others. Savers, for sure! Hoping you can find some respite from your stress...