Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Five

Todays Friday Five comes from Deb.
I have been busy writing “professional” papers, where it is required that staid, measured prose be properly footnoted, annotated and credited. I am tired of living there!
However, my creative brain is somewhere in the land of strange to illogical. So join me in my flight of thought and tell us:
1. A color that you enjoy (and where you find it)
Green in all its crazy wild and calming forms! In my husband's eyes, on my bedroom walls and on my jamberry nail wraps today!
2. A food or drink you have discovered recently that is just da bomb!
Gevalia coffee with Bailey's Brown Butter Pecan coffee creamer
3. A simile for tiredness
As tired as one armed paper hanger
4. A random picture from your phone, camera or computer
Me and my middle baby @ her school Christmas party

5. Your least favorite bill: car mechanic, dentist or plumber?
Dentist (And all three of the little ones are going in March!)
BONUS: If you are going to have a Lenten practice or discipline, what is it? If you have a book or on-line resource, be sure to share it!
Reading the book of Luke a few verses at a time.


  1. Too FuN ! and laughing at the 1 armed paper hanger =)
    your pic is totally sweet !
    glad you posted [and added your chat at FHC] TY !
    HapPy weekending...

  2. times three. Maybe there is a "holy trinity" discount! :-)


  3. Cute pic of the two of you. Don't you love those photo booth things? ;) And yeah, I'm also NOT a fan of the dentist! THanks for playing!

  4. Such a cute picture! Green is my favorite, too. So many shades all around the earth.