Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Five

RevKarla over on revgalblogpals offers today's friday five.

Hi gals and pals~~
Happy Friday to you!  I don’t have a theme this week, but just a variety of questions for your writing pleasure…
1) How are you?  What’s taking up your mind-heart space these days?
Sick sick sick! Throat infection making my life miserable! Lots of unblogables right now so have maintained radio silence. Praying for clarity.
2) It’s St. Patrick’s Day on Monday~~will you celebrate or give a nod to it?
I will celebrate by wearing green to make my eyes stand out! Other than that, no.
3) My colleague is a voracious morning reader of blogs, online news, articles, etc.  What, besides RevGalBlogPals, do you look at frequently, if not daily?
email, the bible, google, ministry matters, pinterest
4) I got nothin’ here.  This is a free for all.  Just tell us something!
I would love to get two more tattoos, but I worry too much about what my congregation would think.
5) Use these words in a sentence or two:    map, magazine, sing, baby sloth, knit, penguin, love, weep, mountain, and messenger bag.
There once was a girl learning to knit from a magazine that she kept in her messenger bag covered in baby sloth and penguin embroidery. She learned that the path to love does not follow a map over the mountain but sings forth from the tears we weep.
Have fun!


  1. ahh forgot pinterest!
    yep, that's a daily for me too ;)

    hoping you're soon on the mend and the unblogables come into the LIGHT ...

  2. Lovely play! Prayers for healing, and for unbloggables, for sure. I love your sentence-story...and, I think definitely go for the tattoos. Why not? If you already have them, then go for it! (says someone who adores tattoos and has none.)

  3. Get well! Be gentle with yourself. I like Pinterest, too. Are we friends there?