Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Day six IF: EQUIP study John 3: 1-21

Day Six of IF:EQUIP
Read John 3: 1-21

If you believe this is true:
  • What does this mean about God?
God loves. God loves so much that there is a way offered to all of the world to be in closer, healed relationship with God. Christ had this talk with Nicodemus at night. No one with anything above board would have been out at night. Nicodemus is trying to hide his curiosity from others. He seeks out the Lord of light in the darkness. Interesting! Christ offers the truth of God's love an opportunity for rebirth to Nicodemus and tells Nicodemus that if he struggles with earthly things how will he understand heavenly matters? This doesn't mean that God's ways are hidden, it means, to me, that Gods ways are so open but we struggle in the earthly minutia and won't let ourselves be freed to understand God's ways.
  • What does this mean about you?
How often have I come in darkness to seek the light? I am like Nicodemus, seminary educated, a minister, a religious leader and sometimes I have a hard time believing or seeing where God is acting in the world. Yet Christ does not give up one me. The offer is always there, always present, I just need to reach out and seek the conversation!
  • What does this mean about the world?
That there is hope for us yet! Are we all in right relationship with God all of the time? No. But, God came into the world to engage us in relationship. We are much loved and sought after.

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