Monday, February 17, 2014

IF: EQUIP John 2:13-25

Today's Reading from IF:EQUIP is John 2:13-25

If you believe this to be true:
  • What does this mean about God?
There was intentionality in Christ's actions. This was not a temper tantrum or God "loosing his cool" this was an action of thought and purpose. God is angered by the leaders of religion that oppresses, that holds down, that takes advantage.
  • What does this mean about you?
How often do I see things that keep others down proliferated in the church and do absolutely nothing? Where am I standing up for God and God's justice? Where am I in need of cleansing as well? How am I allowing God to show me what is of God vs. what is of man?
  • What does this mean about the world?
God is not content to leave the world as it is. God, through Christ, came to redeem the world! The world is valuable to God. There is purpose and reason intentionality in God's love for the world. God is not a benevolent dictator. God is trudging along with us showing us step by step the way to see the world as God sees it, beautiful, precious and in need of healing and restoration.

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