Thursday, February 13, 2014

IF:Equip day 3

Read John 1: 35-51

If this is true:

  • What does this mean about God?
God does not only call the elite or the equipped. God equips the ones that are called. There is no need of status before coming and seeing that the Lord is good.
  • What does this mean about you?
God will/is equipping me for the journey, There is a peace in knowing Jesus knew me " a way off." I find joy in knowing that I have been told by the teacher to "come and see."
  • What does this mean about the world?
God does not buy into our prejudices or need for reputations. God calls us out of and into places we could never imagine. Its not about being "respectable" its about being available. If we open ourselves up to be fully available to God, how could the world change?

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