Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Random Five

Today's Friday random five comes from Rev Karla.

Hello Gals and Pals,
Happy Valentine’s Day!  I know that some (a lot) of you are digging out from snow and ice and lack of electricity.  We feel for you, and love you!     Some of you have a love-hate relationship with Valentine’s Day.  ‘Nuff said.     I happen to enjoy Valentine’s Day in spite of having exactly one date ever on VD (before I was married).   I love celebrating Love!   So, all that is to say is that our Friday Five is to tell us about five random things that you love.    For example, here are mine:
1. I love RevGalBlogPals (and no one paid me to say it.  I just feel warm in my heart when I think of this amazing beautiful community.  So, thank you!
2.  I love my mom.  She cracks me up.  Yesterday she went out and bought an Iphone.  We spent an hour trying on the phone trying to set up her apple ID.  Didn’t go so well, but we are going to try again.  (She’s 79).
3.  I love the church where I am serving as Interim Associate Pastor/Sabbatical Pastor. Lot’s of wonderful people and energy.  I know this is a special blessing.
4.  I love Trader Joe’s baked tofu.  It fills me up and I don’t know…..
5.  I also ADORE chocolate covered popcorn from Peterbrook Chocolatier in Jacksonville, FL.  It’s so delicious, and one year a student brought me a gallon tin of it for Valentine’s Day. Huge treat.  I also love cinnamon hearts. 
So, thanks for playing and Love and Grace to you!

So, here's my random 5!

1. I love when all three of my itty bitties crawl into my lap for snuggles!

2. I love that the same three itty bitties are in school today after three snow days!

3. I love my secret pal at the church I serve who has kept me in subway gift cards and chocolate free sweets. (I'm allergic to chocolate.)

4. I love almost any sunrise or sunset, but especially those in West Texas where the view is 360 degrees.

5. I love my family! This includes my biological and family of choice! They have given me much needed support to get back on my feet again and dive headfirst into my calling.

I'm blessed. So blessed!

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  1. There is something about the wide open spaces and being able to enjoy the beauty of the sun rising and setting.