Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow day number 3

We are almost done with our third snow day, this one with actual snow and ice. The kids are doing well and lil' man actually got out in the cold wetness for the first time in his 21 months. Supper cute!!
First Steps in the snow!

Cuddling with Daddy!

Not so sure about this white stuff!

Right now the princesses are done with the snow stuff and are running around singing the soundtrack to Frozen at the top of their lungs. (Not that that's any different from any other day mind you!)

I look at these precious gifts and I am overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with love, with gratitude, with joy, with hope. God has blessed me, and I hope them, with this family.

Lord, grow them strong in their faith. Let them trust you so absolutely that they never really doubt. Give them the assurance of self to know who they are, even when someone tries to tell them otherwise. Let them know they don't have to prove themselves to me or to you. They are loved just as they are. 
Lord, help me to nurture them, discipline them, love them as you do. Let me not try to be the hip mom, but rather a good mom, concerned more with the long term outcome then the minute by minute cool factor. Let me not freak out when they are pre-teens and teens. Let me hold my breath and count to ten before saying anything potentially out of anger rather than love. Give me the wisdom to help and the words to use. But also grant me the knowledge of when to stay silent, to let my presence speak for me.
Lord, they are my life, my breath, my heart help me to care for them as such without disappearing into them. Help me to be healthy myself so that my burdens don't rest on their shoulders. Help me to breath in your spirit and not the negativity I so often steep in myself. Let me be show your love in showing them that I recognize your love of me! Let me be a good example in how I succeed and in how I fail. Let me not be afraid to share those stories of failure so that they may learn that I have never been perfect and don't expect perfection from them.
Lord, basically don't let me mess up the beautiful creations they are!

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