Monday, November 3, 2014

IF:Equip Day 36

It's been a bit over a week, and I am trying to get back into the swing of things. Having surgery next week so may be unable to complete blogs for a bit.

IF:Equip Genesis 24:1-14

Video Commentary by Jennie Allen and Ann Voskamp can be viewed here.

IF I believe this to be true then:

What does it mean about God?
God follows through on God's promises. Time and again throughout Genesis the faithfulness of God even in the face of our unfaithfulness is highlighted. Abraham is seeking a wife for his son and trusts that God will provide. God is such a presence in the household of Abraham that even his servant prays for God's guidance and wisdom.

What does it mean about me?
How I live my faith can be shown by those who I come in contact with. My children pray when they see an ambulance rushing down the road, for the people they are helping and for the EMT's inside. They are learning from example, which is great! But they are also watching when i am not faithful, when I fail to put my trust where it should be. I want my children to find their own faith in God and to find helpmates who share that faith. I need to begin praying more diligently for that .

What does it mean about the world?
There is no where we can go where God is not! The promised land, the land of birth, and into unknown lands, God walks before us. There is such joy in acknowledging this reality for me. Especially as I enter into this surgery and recovery time. God is in the world and moving in the world and loving and healing and just being in the world. Thanks be to God!

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