Monday, November 10, 2014

IF:Equip Day 40

IF:Equip Genesis 25:1-11

Video commentary by Rebekah Lyons & Debbie Eaton can be view here.

IF I believe this to be true then:

What does it mean about God?
God gave Abraham a good long life, and he who was father of only two, and only one by Sarah, became the father of many sons with his third wife. Funny how I've never heard her spoken about before. God promised Abraham a legacy and allowed him to see glimpses of it. I wonder if God told Abraham to send his other sons away because he knew the tensions that would develop between them and Issac if they stayed.
I also find it very interesting that Issac and Ishmael both buried their father. It speaks to a certain level of reconciliation between the brothers if not between Abraham and Ishmael. How hard that must have been for them both!

What does it mean about me?
It makes me wonder who will be left to bury me. What kind of legacy did I leave behind? Will they be strains of reconciliation, like Issac and Ishmael coming together at least for this act? Or will there be distance, as the others are not mentioned? As a pastor who has led 8 funeral services in the past 12 months, I know how death can both separate and pull together. I hope that my life serves to promote wholeness and healing.

What does it mean about the world?
Abraham is the "father" of so many faiths, and we struggle to communicate with one another. Abraham lived only 175 years, which seems really long to us (compared to his ancestors was nothing!) but has forever affected the world in which we live. A few years of faithfulness goes a long way. We may never know the impact we have had on another's life, but if we allow God to lead us and be present with us, it could be long lasting.

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