Wednesday, November 5, 2014

IF: Equip Day 37

If:Equip Genesis 24:15-31

Video commentary by Doris Bowen and Cheryl Bell can be viewed here.

IF I believe this to be true then:

What does it mean about God?
God had trusted the right man for the job. Abraham had taught his household about God, how to pray, how to listen. Abraham was living out his faith and those around him noticed. The servant doesn't hesitate to ask God for guidance and then to follow through. A relationship cultivated with God will show through to others.

What does it mean about me?
How well am I living a real relationship with God? True as a pastor people will associate me with God,but how do my closest relationships bare it out? Am I living a life that shows the influences around me, and are they good or negative influences?

What does it mean about the world?
The world can be shown what life in Christ looks like if we are faithful. Can we change the world? No. But we can help one person change their world and that could make the difference.

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