Tuesday, September 23, 2014

IF:Equip Genesis 2:4-14

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IF:Equip Day 5 Genesis 2:4-14

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If you believe this is true:

What does this mean about God?
God formed humanity with God's own hands and the breathed the breath of life into human lungs. Ruah, the breath of God, the spirit of God, breathes life into us time after time, day after day. I love the image of God breathing into us. I was shaped as a child by a poem by James Weldon Johnson called "The Creation" and I love the description it gives.

What does this mean about you?
God has a personal relationship with me. I breathe in God, I breathe out God. This should inform everything I do and say. I'm not always faithful with this and need to do a better job of remembering the continual presence of God's very breath in my life.

What does this mean about the world?
God is active, moving  and creating. This is the story from a group who located themselves in this particular region and therefore sought to communicate how God had operated there. I think it can be translated to most of our areas in the idea of God planting providing and having humanity to steward ccreation.

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