Thursday, September 25, 2014

IF:Equip Day 8

IF:Equip Genesis 3:14-24 Day 8

Video Commentary found here.

If I believe this to be true then:

What does it mean about God?
I find myself wondering if this is prescriptive or descriptive. If this is prescriptive, then God is designating these things to be true, in essence, cursing us with these things. If it is descriptive, then it is descriptive of what has happened as a result of sin and there for a consequence of the action, rather than a new "chosen order" for the world.
Either way you choose to look at it, doesn't Jesus, life, death and resurrection change this status? Shouldn't we be free from the bondage of these things after having experienced freedom in Christ?

What does it mean about me?
I was not created, designed to be less that others. There are circumstances of sin which make me subject to others from time to time, but truthfully any subjection I feel should be willing servitude.
God still offered relationship and covered them after they sinned. The removal from the garden was an act of mercy, so that we wouldn't always live in sin. God cares enough about me to protect me from potential sin, and to help me learn from the consequences of other sins.

What does it mean about the world?
God loves the world! God seeks relationship and does not give up on the world, no matter how we turn away from him. Praise be to God!

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