Tuesday, September 16, 2014

IF: Equip Genesis Day 2

Day 2 IF:Equip Genesis 1:11-23

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IF you believe this is true:

What does it say about God?
God created a world that could withstand and renew. God created the plants to come forth from the ground to produce so that the cycle could begin again. It's the same with the animals, birds, fish- all made to continue the creative act. God allows creation to participate in creating newness! And hopefully in producing goodness.

What does it say about you?
There are things I can do to help God's creative works. Not just the stewardship of the earth, although that's important, but ways that I can be a productive creative force in this life and in the lives of others. My children are only one way that I contribute. It is wonderful to know that God uses words to create and to bless and that I can too!

What does it say about the world?
God's not done with the world yet. We were set in motion to renew and be renewed and God is continually doing just that through all sorts of avenues. Even when things are dark and hard and sorrowful, God's creative redemptive power is active, breaking into the darkness, setting a light to rule by day and by night so that there is always a source of "light" in our midst. The light of Christ shines in all the darkness, and the darkness will not overcome it!

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