Monday, September 29, 2014

If:Equip Day 10

If:Equip Day 10 Genesis 5:1-32

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If I believe this is true then:

What does it mean about God?
There were 8 generations from Adam to Noah. And Lamech, Noah's dad lived 777 years. As numbers are often highly symbolic in biblical literature it causes me to wonder why there years are listed and why 777 years? I'm sure there are commentaries dealing with this, but I haven't looked any of them up today. God followed the generations of Adam and watched as they grew and delt with the consequences of the sin in the garden. I wonder if God grew more and more despondent at the way that people were living their lives or if God was just waiting for that right moment to again initiate grace and mercy that he had shown earlier?

What does it mean about me?
That in all of my years (not that I've lived THAT many) I'm sure I have let down God. But God does not sever relationship with me or abandon me, but rather keeps up with my generations. God created us, blessed us and watches us. And while the watching thing can freak people out, I find great comfort in knowing that God is present and actively paying attention to my life, even when I'm not!

What does it mean about the world?
It only took 8 generations for man to become so separated from God, essentially in denial of God's actions, that God would begin to see mankind's wickedness over their sameness/image of God-ness. Its in the next chapter that God will decide to save Noah and destroy the rest of the earth. Even though God created humanity and blessed it, it turned away from God. We still do this today and I wonder how far we are from finding ourselves in a world that knows God not.

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