Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Five

Today's Friday Five is from Cindi Knox!
Hi! I’m Cindi Knox, and I regularly write for The Pastoral Is Political. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to have a guest spot on the Friday Five today!
mhvoSaIIn the USA, April 15 is the day that income tax filings are due. The forms are somewhat complicated, and can be quite frustrating at times. Every year, many Americans work on their returns on the very last day, hoping to get them into the mail on time to avoid penalties.
Now that the deadline is past, I’d like to think about the budgets in our own lives – not so much for money, but for time, energy, nourishment, fun, etc. How do we seek balance between the demands on us and the self-care we need?
With that in mind, I offer a tax-inspired Friday Five for our spiritual, emotional, physical, and social budgets:
1. Taxes: What events do you find “taxing” – taking energy, time, or otherwise being a bit of a drain? Maybe Christmas or Easter takes a lot out of you. Maybe it’s the annual meeting. Maybe it’s gearing up for confirmation. Or maybe it’s something that’s not church-related at all – maybe it’s doing laundry, or taking the car to the shop.

House Cleaning

Social Media

Web site Building

Lice Removal

2. Withholding: Aside from money, what do you put aside for when you need it? Do you save up vacation time for a needed rest? Or perhaps stash a little chocolate away for a needed binge? How do you prepare for those times when you just don’t seem to have enough?
Vacations Time & Diet Coke

3. Exemptions: What things do you do to take some time off or to get a break from the demands on your time and energy? Do you always rest on the Sundays after Christmas and Easter? Do you have a regular time to rest each week except for “dire emergencies”?

I try to take Fridays off (although I'm at the office now, so guess it doesn't always work!) The Monday after Easter the office is closed, same goes for the Monday after Christmas. I usually take the week after Christmas off to visit my family or my husband's family (both of which also include clergymembers, so post any holiday is when we celebrate)

4. Deductions: What things in your life help you get through trying times? Maybe you have a particular tea that helps you relax, or a pet that cuddles with you when things get rough. When you can’t “exempt” yourself, what lessens the burden?


I call my clergymom! She is a huge help to me and I'm not 100% sure what I would/will do without her, but luckily I don't have to stress about it just yet!

5. Refunds: How do you realize the benefits of what you do all year? What makes you feel “it’s all worth it”? Does your congregation celebrate a “Pastor Appreciation Day”? Do you feel the benefit when someone sends a note from college or their new home far away, telling you how much they miss worship with you?

The church celebrates my anniversary as Pastor, and gifts me during the Christmas Holiday. I have a folder full of cards of encouragement and thanks that I have received and often pull them out when I am feeling less than appreciated. I love getting messages from clergy friends, and former church attendees who just want to say hi and check in.

Please join in the fun! You can be as serious or silly as you want with the answers. If you play on your blog, please remember to post a link in the comments section below.
Rainy Day / Bills image courtesy Steve Woods

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