Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Five: Favorite Places

Today's Friday Five comes from Marie:
Hello RevGals! I’m thrilled to be hosting my very first Friday Five, as this was the feature that got me started participating in the blog ring back in 2007. This week I’ve been back at my seminary, Episcopal Divinity School, for Alumni Days. There is so much that makes this place special to me: the chapel, the quad, the apartments and rooms where I lived, and the library, where I first encountered the woman who is now my wife.
So for today’s Friday Five, tell us about five of your favorite places. Have fun with it, and make sure to link in the comments if you play at your blog. Pictures always appreciated!
This one should be fun, and as I just got home from a visit to one of my favorite places I have some good pictures to share!!!!
Taco Villa, My Favorite Fast food Mexican EVER!!!!!
In Texas with my parents

Anywhere on the beautiful Texas Tech Campus

Snuggling with my littles in my chair

In the pulpit!
Thanks Marie, for the fun play!!


  1. Great play; great photos! There's nothing like Mexican Food from home!

  2. Love the photo play! I'll have to try Taco Villa when I'm in Texas in June.