Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Day 41: COntinued Plagues and Two Flocks

Exodus 9, 10, 11 & Matthew 25:31-46

These chapters give us the continuation of the plagues in Exodus. They are really frightening plagues to me. We also learn of a division of two flocks, the sheep and goats. This too can be a bit scary.

Exodus 9:

The fifth of the plagues is the plague on livestock. All of the Egyptians flocks are killed, but not even one of the Israelites livestock dies. What a contrast this is from Joseph’s day. At that time Pharaoh had entrusted his own flocks to the Israelites care. God continues to favor his people.
The sixth of the plagues is the plague of boils. People are covered in painful boils. The boils are so bad that Pharaoh’s magicians cannot stand in Moses and Pharaoh’s presence because of their suffering. Pharaoh refuses to listen.
The seventh of the plagues is the plague of hail. Hail poured down upon the land destroying the barley and other early crops. Goshen, the land of the Israelites is spared from this storm. Pharaoh confesses his sin the Moses and begs for the storms to end. Moses prays to God once more, and the hail stops. But Pharaoh sins once more, refusing to let them leave.

Exodus 10:

The eighth of the plagues is the plague of Locusts. There has been such extreme loss and now God sends out these bugs to devour what little is left. Pharaoh is advised to let them go, but says let only the men go. The plague comes and Pharaoh is still stubborn.
The ninth of the plagues is the plague of darkness. The darkness lasts for three days, but the Israelites have light in the places they lived. Pharaoh says that the men women and children can go, but the livestock needs to stay put. Moses does not agree and Pharaoh tells him to leave and never return.

Exodus 11:

The tenth of the plagues is the plague of the firstborn. Before Moses leaves Pharaoh’s presence he tells Pharaoh that God will bring the death of all firstborn of Egypt, from Pharaoh to a slave, but will spare the children of Israel. Moses then leaves and goes to give instructions to the Israelites.

Matthew 25: 31-46

This is the story of the sheep and the goats. Jesus has taught that self-giving care for others is the heart of the revealed will of God in the Torah. Jesus lives this out in his own actions. When we respond to need or fail to respond to a need, we are responding to Christ, or failing to respond to Christ. This apocalyptic moment calls us to remember the covenant faithfulness of the One true God.
Jesus the Christ has come, there will be no other supplementary revelation until this same God who is revealed in Jesus is revealed at the end as the One and Only God.

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