Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Day 49: Instructions for Worship and Jesus Heals

Exodus 27, 28 and Mark 1:23-45

These passages continue to teach the Israelites how to worship. Jesus in Mark shows people the power of God.

Exodus 27

Here we find more instructions for worship. These have to do with the courtyard that is to surround the Tabernacle, the place for worship, and with the things to be kept in the bounds of the worship space.
Worship of God was a new thing to the Israelites who had been kept a slaves and not allowed to worship with freedom. Step by step God is offering ways to set themselves apart in their worship.
How are we set apart in our worship?
Artist interpretation of Priestly Robes

Exodus 28

God gives instructions here on clothing for worship, specifically the priests clothing for worship. There is mention that God gave tailors specific wisdom about how to make these unique garments. This helps us to see that worship does not only involve the priests, but without the gifts of all of God’s people, worship is incomplete.

Mark 1:23-45

Jesus is walking around with his disciples on the Sabbath. He casts out an evil spirit. He then goes and heals Simon’s mother-in-law and she gets us and serves, also on the Sabbath. This is where the grumbling against Jesus begins.
Jesus becomes popular and moves on from that place throughout Galilee. The Spirit of God cannot be kept in one place. He heals people because he is moved by compassion.
One particular man is cleansed from Leprosy by Jesus’ touch. Jesus tells him to go quietly to the priest and be declared clean, but the man goes out into the streets sharing his good news. Jesus can then no longer enter anyplace openly and becomes an outsider, having to stay in the lonely places outside of towns.
Even then people flock to go outside, where Jesus is. Jesus will not let the evil spirits he casts out speak because they know his identity and in Mark, Jesus tries to keep his identity as the Messiah quiet.

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