Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Day 22: Arrogance and Walking on Water

Day 22: Job 34, 35 & Matthew 14:22-36

Today’s readings are full of action. Job is called out for his arrogance, by an arrogant sounding youth. Jesus invites Peter to walk with him on water. These scriptures have a great deal to show us.

Job 34:

Elihu, the young man, is still speaking. He is giving a speech on what he thinks is really going on with Job. In verses 10-12 Elihu states that God does not do evil and that therefore these acts against Job are not evil, but rather just punishment. We must remember that the characters in Job do not know about the throne room scenes. They do not know that God is not the one handing out these harsh things to Job. There is a lack of understanding of God’s action by the people in this account. It leads me to wonder how often we think we know what God is about, but are really clouded by our own thoughts and views about justice.
Verse 14 speaks, in my mind, the most profound truth about God heard in this discourse so far. Elihu states that if God breathed in, that is took back the spirit he breathed out over the world at creation and into humankind at their birth, then the world would die, flesh would cease living, humans would return to dust. God’s spirit is not optional for life on earth, it is THE necessary thing.

Job 35:

Elihu claims that Job is arrogant and that God doesn’t answer Job because of the wickedness of pride. He reminds Job and the other men, that God will not remain silent for long. God is listening even now, he says in verse 14, so wait anxiously on him.

Matthew 14:22-36

Jesus goes off my himself to pray after feeding the 5,000. This should remind us that if Jesus needed time to recharge, we certainly should follow his example. The disciples go ahead on the boat and are faced with rocky water. Jesus comes to them on the water and they are afraid. Of course they are afraid! I would be terrified if what appeared to be one of my closest friends walking across the water in a storm to get in my boat.
Once Jesus speaks to them Peter says “If its really you Lord, call me out to walk to you.” Jesus calls to him and Peter steps out of the boat. But Peter takes his eyes off Jesus and focuses on the storm and begins to sink. Jesus reaches out and rescues him.
I wonder how often I am like Peter. I see Jesus doing something, or feel Jesus calling me to something, and boldly step out in faith. However, I’m soon overwhelmed by the storms of life that threaten to overturn even the best boat. I panic and begin to sink. When will I learn that Jesus equips those he calls?

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