Saturday, February 18, 2017

Job 25. 26. 27 & Matthew 12:24-50

Job curses his enemies in these chapters. He seeks for them to be punished as well. Jesus, points out that we cannot work against evil for the purposes of evil.

Job 25:

This passage has Biblad speaking to Job. He calls out to Job that no one is innocent. He appears to make a case for original sin. Biblad seems to be asking Job to look at his life in a much more philosophical sense, realizing that sin is inevitable.

Job 26:

Job responds saying that God is indeed greater than anything. How can any of us even try to understand God? God’s power is beyond comprehension.

Job 27:

Job curses his enemies. He asks God to treat them with even more harshness than he has been treated. Again this is a case of misery loving company. His own suffering would, Job thinks, be bearable if others were going through it as well.

Matthew 12:24-50:

Jesus is accused of using the power of the devil to cast out demons. He quickly debunks this idea by stating that a house divided against itself cannot stand. The Holy Spirit is at work in the casting out of demons. Jesus wants those present to know that what he does is through God and God alone.
Jesus then goes into a description of trees and fruit. You will know a tree by the fruit it bears. A good tree will produce good fruit. An unhealthy tree will produce fruit that is not worth eating.
This passage reminds me of a meme I saw today about beliefs.

Jesus goes on to predict his death and resurrection using Jonah as a metaphor. He ends this section by saying that family is not only something you are born into. Family, especially the family of God, is something that is constructed through the bonds of love.

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