Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Five: blessed rest

Today's Friday Five is by 3dogmom

April 13, 2010
St. Mary’s Center, Sewanee, TN (photo by Anne Fraley)
I know that a number of our sisters in RevGal land are in need of rest, and would greatly benefit from some time away on retreat, or simply to escape the demands of the usual landscape. For today’s FF, let’s spend a little time considering the subject. Imagine getting away…………
  1. Tell us about a place (retreat center or other getaway spot) that offers especially good hospitality. What makes it so for you? My favorite places for hospitality have been cruises! I love getting on a ship and sailing away knowing that everything will be taken care of and I don't even have to make my own bed.
  2. Is there a ritual of renewal that you seek, or that you find especially helpful, while on retreat? (naps, reading, knitting, staring out toward a different landscape…) I love to knit or crochet and always bring a project along, but don't always actually work on said project! I love to read and the opportunity rarely presents itself in big enough time chucks in my real life, so I am slightly hermit like when I can get away. 
  3. Retreats/getaways often have a way of washing over us with its own gifts, no matter what we may seek from it. Tell us about a time that such a gift made a lasting impression. I recently helped lead a women's retreat for my denomination in Bowling Green, KY. We led the women through many prayer and mission stations throughout the two day experience. But for me the best moment came at the closing worship service. We were offering a renewal of baptism at the end of service. While this was going on a woman came and tapped me on the shoulder and told me that a young girl (10) who had been with us at the retreat wanted to be baptized and wanted me to do the baptism. I have known this girl for years, she is a friend of the family. She does not regularly attend a church and has tenuous connections at best to Christian community. I agreed to do so. I asked her the questions of baptism and then turned to the women present. These women were from all over the USA and I told them that they were her community. Her spiritual raising was in their hands. They covenanted to pray for her, to reach out to her, to check in on her. They promised to be her community even though many miles separate them from her. Hearing those pledges did my heart good!
  4. Imagine that a gift bag was waiting for you on your bed when you checked in for your time of sabbath. What would you like to find in it? An eye mask to make everything dark for rest. A new book full of laughter and tears. A pair of fuzzy socks. An assortment of tea bags.
  5. Besides a dessert buffet featuring chocolate, what is something you would love to see a retreat/getaway offer that is typically not part of such an experience? Daily massages and easy companionship
Bonus: You’ve been granted a weekend off, and the means of getting away is provided. Where would you like to go? To my parents home, because Adulting is hard!

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  1. What a wonderful baptismal story! I hope that this young woman has found her new faith journey to be a holy one, full of the usual plot twists and sacred moments. Thanks so much for sharing that with us. And I love the idea of fuzzy socks in the gift bag! Great play.