Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Five: Go to the head of the class

Today's Friday five is from Deb

It’s Back-to-School time! Are you that A+ Student for life” or the King/Queen of Detention? RevGals want to know! We are all still learning (or re-learning) some kind of lessons!
Tell us about your learning edges in:
1. Reading: what’s in your “to-be-read” stack? Fiction? Church leadership? Commentaries?
I am currently reading the following:
Searching for Sunday by Racheal Held Evans
A faith of our own by Jonathen Merritt
For the Love by Jen Hatmaker

Out of the deep I cry by Julia Spencer-Fleming
Because of Mr. Terupt by Rob Buyea
Like a Fox by Rev. Judy Mitchell Rich

2. Writing: are you blogging? Journaling? Developing a new book proposal? Or just crafting sermons? Any excerpt you’d care to share? (We won’t grade your penmanship!)
I just finished a series of lessons for Advent/Christmas/Epiphany for my Denomination (Cumberland Presbyterian) 
I'm ALWAYS writing sermons, but I'm feeling a pull to write a book. Not sure how to go about it with a full time church, husband, and three littles aged 10,7,&4.

3. ‘Rithmetic: Family budget? Church budget? National debt? What are you discovering about yourself and your church/family when it comes to handling money?
I stink at managing money! I am overly generous and have often had to struggle to meet obligations.
4. Music: favorite new hymn or worship band?
No new favs in these categories. Not a big fan of worship bands and not really in a call where anything younger than fifty years is ever played or sung.
5. Detention: uh huh… If you were supposed to report for detention today, what would be the note on the slip?
Eating WAY off plan while the hubs is out of town caring for his very sick Dad. He is usually our cook and keeps us on track, but the four of us are not starving without him. We may be lacking in some of the food groups, but most defiantly not starving.
BONUS: Recess!
RevGals just want to have fun! What’s your favorite way to unwind?
I love to knit or crochet to unwind. However with the littles I wind up settling for reading.


  1. I hear you on the music front. I went for Broadway on my music list.


  2. Love the Julia Spenser-Fleming series. Couldn't put them down. Something about an army helicopter pilot who becomes an Episcopal priest. I haven't knitted in a while but need to sometimes...

  3. I'm a knitter/crocheter as well! It's time to start a longer project since it's going to get colder soon. Blessings on all you do with your little, husband and church! (How you manage that is a book in itself!