Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Read John 11:55-12:11

If you believe this is true then:
  • What does this mean about God?
  • What dos this mean about you?
  • What does this mean about the world?
I don't know that I can really answer these questions as they are presented when it comes to this passage. There is just so much here! We have an act of worship, that is what this is, from a woman who owes EVERYTHING to Jesus. I woman who knows death, because it stared her in the face with the death of her brother, and knows resurrection because it sits next to Jesus at the table. This woman lays her thankfulness, her gratitude before Jesus in an extravagant sensual way, baring her very soul to him. Why did she have the ointment? because she was counting on having to bring it to her brothers body for several days. Now she has great joy because life has been returned. She wipes his feet with her hair, something that is so inappropriate that I bet the disciples fell out of their chairs! But she was so into her worship that she didn't care. Her worship covered her, just as the sent covered her. I think about her that week carrying the sent around with her. I think of her hearing the news of his crucifixion and smelling that sent of death and worship in her hair. I think of it smelling ten times as sweet on Easter morning when she knows he is risen!

This is the kind of worship I want. This complete giving of myself to heck with the consequences kind of worship. Worship that pleases God and not necessarily humans.

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