Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Five:Taking Stock

Today's Friday Five comes from 3dogmom:
We’re midway through summer (for us northern gals and pals), a good time to pause for a moment to take a breath before the force of autumn’s gravity takes hold too fiercely, and pulls us into its grasp of programming and schedules and commitments. This might be the last chance we have to pause and check in with our inner divine compass, the soul, and reflect on our inner life.  Here are a few questions to consider as we do so.
What is one thing bringing you joy today?
The fact that school starts back on Monday. I know its early and it is robbing the kids of a whole month of summer, but this clergymama is in need of time away from the three littles!
What is a disappointment you are experiencing today?
I really want to attend a bridal shower out of town tomorrow for our church nursery worker/nanny. However, my husband has to work and cannot watch the littlest little and the biggest little has an eye appointment. It's not a huge disappointment, but I really wish I could be there for her!
When you think about the past six months, when did your soul feel most awake?
In April I went to a conference near Kansas City, Missouri with 20 people from my denomination. I talked, I laughed, I listened, I WORSHIPED, I rested. It was a very busy conference, but it was a blessing!
When did you experience a sorrow or regret?
Sorrow is a word that follows me around almost all of the time. I am struggling with depression, right now more than I have in quite a while. I feel like it is clinging to me, dripping from me and I'm just not sure where to put it or how to lift it.
For what is your soul most longing?
Bonus: is there a word or image that succinctly summarizes how you find your soul today? Please share it with us.

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  1. I feel for you and your need and desire for rest. The weight of carrying depression also brings fatigue, so the need for rest makes sense. I'm glad you found some joy at your getaway, and I hope you can reach back to the memory of that to lighten what weighs on you now. I understand the depression thing and the sadness. I pray for you that help is provided, through divine and earthly means. Blessings to you.