Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Five: Hither and Yon

Today's Friday Five is brought to us by 3dogmom
"After traveling through 13 states to arrive at 6 distinct destinations over the last five weeks, I am road-weary, and ready to be home for a good, long stretch. Weariness notwithstanding, they were all good trips that included wonderful scenery, with introductions and reconnections with people and places. Ahhh. The sojourning inspires today’s Friday Five."
Share with us:
1) a favorite city, and what makes it so.
Lubbock, TX is my home town and favorite city. My parents just moved back there for a year at least so hopefully we will make it there for the post-Christmas get together this year. I'm not sure why I like it so much, after all I grew up thinking Lubbock was 5 hours from anything good! It is a town that is large enough to have what you need and small enough to not need massive roads. I graduated from Texas Tech University and have a fondness for the university that I've passed on to my kids. It might not be the best place to vacation, but I would LOVE to live there!!
2) a favorite getaway spot, far from the maddening crowd (far being a relative term).
I thoroughly enjoy Orange Beach, Alabama  as a place to go and get away from the maddening crowd. We have vacationed here three times and it is by far the families favorite place to go. My favorite spot is on a blue chair, under an umbrella with a good book.
3) a great local eatery that you stumbled upon while passing through from one place to another.
There is this little town in west Texas called Andrews. There is not a lot there, but growing up when we drove through we always stopped at Buddy's for the steak-fingers. They were amazing!!!
4) a landscape that inspires or nourishes you.
There is something so inspiring to me about the desert. The way that life clings on determined to survive even in the most difficult of situations, the beauty that comes from unexpected places, the hope of blooming plants where you expect total barrenness.
5) a place you long to visit.
So many places! Here are just a few to start!

I've always been fascinated by Australia and would LOVE to visit

Alaska easily makes the top of my list for places to go.

Of course I want to go to the UK, who doesn't?

The Cumberland Presbyterian Church has two thriving presbyteries in Colombia South America. This summer our General Assembly is meeting in Colombia for it's annual meeting. I wish I could go! But I look forward to seeing things through social media and webcams!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your love of your hometown. Many people want to flee from their roots, so I'm glad you celebrate the place you call home. And what, pray tell, are steak fries? Sounds very intriguing. Thanks for playing!