Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Five: Graduation edition

Today's Friday Five comes from Marybethbutler Who shared some precious pics of her nephew who is graduating this week in my home turf of West Texas!!

"This weekend I am in a West Texas town for the high school graduation of a nephew. I’m looking back over the 18 years and wondering where all that time went, since he was the highly adored first child of my younger sister.
Because I work on a university campus that rents its facilities to dozens of local high schools, graduations have been a daily feature around here and will be for the next month.
So I’m thinking of beginnings and endings (which seem to come in pairs.) These could be graduations, retirements, new jobs, new family, changes of any kind…
Tell us about five notable commencements in your life / the lives of those you love. Pictures would be great if you have them!!"
I do just so happen to have a few graduation pics at my office this morning and some notable events pictures! Who says cleaning out your bags is not productive work!

This is my High School graduation in 1997. My brother, mother and father are in the back and my maternal grandmother is on the right and my paternal grandmother is on the left. It was a great celebration and a blessing to have this photo!

This is my diploma from Texas Tech University. I worked really hard and did my best after a rocky freshman year. I learned so much at Tech and use much of my Family Studies and Substance abuse knowledge on a daily basis in ministry!

This is my graduation ceremony from Memphis Theological Seminary in 2006. (I actually graduated in December 2005, but they only have one service per year) This is not all of my class, just the Cumberland Presbyterians and the President of the Seminary.

This is the birth announcement we sent out after our little man came home from the NICU. I was not sure we would get a group picture of the three of them, so this one sits on my desk as a daily reminder of just how lucky we were and are!

This is a picture from my first Sunday at my current call, May 19, 2013. It has been my first Solo pastorate and I am loving it, even when I don't!!!
This congregation has offered my husband an opportunity to begin healing from the wounds of other churches. It has allowed my daughters to grow in their gifts and spiritual awareness. It has gifted my son with a safe place to explore and learn about all of God's good blessings.
Life is good! Thanks for the chance to reflect on it today! 

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