Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I am just wondering today:
  • will my hair ever look like those who claim to use the same shampoo
  • will my child ever use the grown-up (or any) potty
  • have i bitten off more than i can chew
  • who will help me if i choke
  • will i ever finish the fruits of the spirit study
  • do these pants make my butt look big, or is it just my butt that makes the pants look big
  • what will i preach on
  • who is my mentor
  • will i ever write that book
  • is it possible to have one of those lives
  • why does the air conditioner make that odd noise
  • will my Sr pastor and i ever get along
  • will i ever have bookcases
  • how can i stand this mess one more minute
  • will i ever finish this blanket
  • can i manage
  • does anyone care?


  1. I promise the answer to the second one is yes, though it may take longer than you would like!

  2. Wow...my list today could be almost the same! Glad I popped over from revgals!