Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Five

This is my first Friday five on this blog. In my previous blog life I was a member of the revgal pals, and hope to be again one day.
Today's Friday Five comes from Singing Owl:

Please pardon me for talking about church in the summer when many of you may be on vacation. However, the church we are talking about today is the one you dream of. I've been thinking about this because I miss pastoring and preaching, because I am sending in resumes, and because...well...jut because. So have some fun with this. Tell us five things that the perfect church would have, be, do...whatever.We can dream, right?

1. Flexibility, in its leadership, congregants, and sanctuary set up
2. Color, in all things!
3. Art work, I know we are protestant, but some art is worshipful!
4. Children, lots and lots of children
5. A labyrinth, one inside and out

1 comment:

  1. Flexibility! Oh yes yes yes...didn't think of that one, but it sure would be essential in the perfect church.