Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday Five: Celebrations

From 3dogmom@ Revgalblogpals: It’s the time of year when celebrations abound: graduations (the end of that season), weddings, anniversaries, family reunions, and more. I’ve just officiated the blessing of my sister-in-law’s recent marriage, an event that incorporated a variety of celebrations within the celebration. Fun stuff, all around!
The season notwithstanding, causes to celebrate can be found in our daily/weekly/monthly lives, too. For today’s FF, share with us five things you are celebrating these days!
Celebrating is a hard thing for me to do in general. I guess its that idea of letting "the world" know what you value and putting it a risk publicly. You know, the whole counting the chickens before they hatch kind of mindset. I'm trying to get over that by keeping a daily log of gratitude, but making it public still causes some anxiety.
Here goes!
1) My wonderful husband who keeps me from wallowing too much!
2) My parents, who love me and my family with a fierceness that I aspire towards

3. My precious son, who loves to play with his sisters, even if that means being "pretty princess wy-wy"

4) The family worship space at our GA this year! It was amazing! My three loved it, and it enhanced our worship experience.

5) My middle child, who just turned 8. She is pure Joy and excitement all of the time!

Bonus* My eldest child (on the left) who is making 11 look so grown up! I celebrate her amazing ability to make people feel listened to and appreciated for who they are!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these celebrations with us--each one is a treasure! I'm cheering Princess Wy-wy, good on him!